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BEST Start in the Morning


Begin your day at Alpenstyle Restaurant in Fieberbrunn with a delightful breakfast that captures the essence of the Alps. Enjoy a selection of freshly prepared local and international favorites, accompanied by stunning mountain views. It’s the perfect start to a day full of adventure and exploration.

During the Day


Enjoy a midday feast at Alpenstyle Restaurant in Fieberbrunn, where every lunch is a journey through the flavors of the Alps. From light, refreshing salads to hearty local specialties, our menu offers something for every palate, including the finest steaks for a luxurious touch. It’s the perfect pause in your day of alpine adventures.

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End your day on a high note with a sumptuous dinner at Alpenstyle Restaurant in Fieberbrunn, where culinary excellence meets alpine elegance. Savor expertly prepared dishes from our diverse menu, including succulent steaks that promise a truly memorable dining experience. Surrounded by the tranquil beauty of the mountains, it’s the ideal setting for an enchanting evening.

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„My philosophy as the chef at Alpenstyle Fieberbrunn is to bring the essence of the Alps to your plate.“

CHEF, Marcel Dornhelm

„My philosophy as the chef at Alpenstyle Fieberbrunn is to take pride in crafting dishes that embody the essence of our region. I aim to fuse traditional Alpine ingredients with a touch of modern flair, creating meals that are both comforting and exciting – a true reflection of the vibrant spirit of Fieberbrunn.“

Chef, Marcel Dornhelm

„As the director of Alpenstyle Fieberbrunn, I am proud to oversee a team dedicated to excellence in every aspect. Our chef’s culinary creations are a cornerstone of this commitment, offering guests a unique dining experience that perfectly captures the essence of our Alpine surroundings and our dedication to exceptional hospitality.“

Hotel Director, Stefan Weidacher